You're every woman

You're every woman

I think this pandemic has lifted the veil on lots of stuff. Suddenly we are not so interested in what other people are doing, we are looking at ourselves and asking all the big and deep questions. It is a time for reflection as well as everything else.

During this time of going in, I am bombarded with ads for fitness, now I get the irony here!! But I'm going to take a risk and say this loud and strong - Don't believe the images of the women in the fitness ads!! 

We all know it takes years of training to look like that. Fitness models usually have a career in sports of dance and are doing a bit of filming for a fitness brand on the side. They didn't do that fitness themselves, let's lay this bare. You can't get dancers legs in 14 days, it takes from 8 years old maximum right the way through to adulthood to get dancers legs and even then!!

You know this already and you don't need me to tell you, because we know this. But we need reminding every time we see those images because we don't make a logical decision when we see those statements (because that's what they are), we make an emotional decision. We make an emotional decision that if we worked harder, were more committed, liked cake less, did more, we could look like that and it is simply not true. It's not a personal failing that you don’t look like a fitness model when you're not a sports or dance professional. 

Your body is not a product of the mass media, it is your home. Your feelings about your body are based on your life experiences not fitness brands. Reclaim your body power, get back in your body and don't let any picture on social media rob you of that. Mum-Dance is for every woman, it's our number one driver, it's what makes us put our leotards on in the morning and open new classes. And like Chaka Khan says, you're every woman and it's all in you. 

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