The Mum-Anthem Master Class

The Mum-Anthem Master Class


Mum-Dance is totally 80’s!! We go into the 90’s for select routines because of their utter brilliance such as rhythm is a dancer and we lunge back to the late 70’s so we can include Mum-Dance classics such as Hot Stuff, Donna Summer.

BUT then there’s the Mum-Anthems, the songs that women love from all decades, the best song at the wedding, the belter in the kitchen, the routine you always wanted to master, the routines that belong personally to every woman from every decade that tell us about our lives, our loves, our losses and our dreams.

So, I decided to do Mum-Anthem Master classes. Yes they’re a step up. Yes you better be fit, strong and smart cos the choreography is intermediate level. Yes the routines will be broken down so everyone can get it. Yes Mum-Dancers, you will even get a certificate to put in your kitchen!!

Don’t panic Mum-Dancers, the Mum-Anthems from any decade is an add-on, it’s a special, it will be every few weeks for more larfs in your fitness. Mum-Dance stays totally 80’s cos Hammertime, you can’t touch this!

The Mum-Anthem Master classes belong to you, our magnificent Mum-Pickers!! So it’s over to you, tell us what routines you want to learn from any decade. We are launching our Mum-Anthems tomorrow for the bank holiday in lockdown with Britney, hit me baby one more time. Mum-Dancers, you tell us what routine you want next, tell us what you want, what you really, really wanta zigazig ah.

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