"Mum-Dance is silly and inclusive"

"Mum-Dance is silly and inclusive." This terrific bit of feedback got me thinking because a Mum-Dance core value is that everyone fits in with their fitness at Mum-Dance. 
There is pressure on women all the time to conform to gender stereotypes, body shapes, to wear the right brands, to be on the in crowd at the gate, parenting styles, buggy choices, who you are, what you do, where you go, what you talk about, how you present yourself and yep what fitness you choose.
Mum-Dance is for everyone, women from 18 to 75 come to class and the sense of camaraderie is palpable. Mum-Dance is not about fitting in, Its about inclusion, it's about women supporting women and it's a fitness experience where you can truly be yourself. 
If you think you're the only one with a dodgy pelvic floor, continence issues, an old sports bra, issues at work, a see through pair of leggings, a messy divorce, roots, a slightly battered soul from the pandemic then think again. 
Come to Mum-Dance where everyone can be true to themselves all the time because life is way too short to try and fit in. Come to Mum-Dance and get YOU back.

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