Mum-Dance Donates to School PTAs

Mum-Dance Donates to School PTAs

Mum-Dance has an exciting new initiative to bring Mum-Dance to more mums and help schools recover from the pandemic. Mum-Dance is about community, fitness, well-being and fun, and school mums need that now more than ever! We also know that schools are struggling financially after a year of not being able to fundraise in the usual way. 

It's really simple. You put us in touch with your Head of PTA, she/he promotes Mum-Dance to the mums in your school and we donate 8% of every class sale back to your school funds every term. Plus we pay the usual hall hire!

The pandemic has made us all reassess where we are and what we want to be. At Mum-Dance we have decided to stop feeding the giants like facebook ads and feed your school instead, cos that's the way we roll!

Come to Mum-Dance and support your school. Host Mum-Dance in your school and we'll help your school recover. Come to Mum-Dance and get fit in your kids school hall after hours with your mum-mates. Come to Mum-Dance because we walk the talk. Come to Mum-Dance and get US back. 

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