I Don't Wanna Dance (dance with you baby no more)

I Don't Wanna Dance (dance with you baby no more)

You know it's got real in our house when I stop dancing!! You know it's got real when Mum-Dance says I don't wanna dance. I was a Dance Movement Therapist before I started Mum-Dance and it's at times like these (not that we ever had a time like this before), that I am grateful for that training.

So my darling Mum-Dancers I'm going to share my little gem of therapeutic knowledge. You can only ever be where you are. One of our beautiful dance teachers isn't doing home workouts, she just feels right now it wouldn't be congruent. She doesn't feel like putting her leotard on, she's just not feeling it. She called me and said she would up her game. I told her to forget making home workouts, to go to bed, to look after herself, to put herself first, and only dance when her body says yes. Because only when we allow ourselves to be fully where we are, can we find our way out. 

At Mum-Dance we know that smash n grab Hammertime, agadoo or Toni Basil might be far from where we are all at right now. But that's all Mum-Dance can do, that's who we are, we gallivant in ill fitting sports bras even in the bad times (sometimes especially in the bad times). But we know that some of you don't want to Mum-Dance right now, some of our top fan Mum-Dancers who have been coming to class for two years, don't wanna dance and that's ok. 

Wherever you're at, be there and be there fully, don't try and be all Van Halen if you're really there's no-one quite like Grandma. This will pass, keep your leotard and legwarmers where you can see them and remember it takes more than a pandemic to stop a Mum-Dancer. When you're ready and you start doing Babooshka in the kitchen because you can connect to that Mum-Dance feeling again, come to Mum-Dance, feel the camaraderie, and get YOU back. 





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    I love your I don’t wanna dance post. Yep feeling the same. I’m a bit zoomed out but looking forward to returning to a dance floor one day soon x

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