How Mum-Dance works that bod

How Mum-Dance works that bod

Mum-Dance is made for Mum-Bods and all the hard work is hidden in hilariously fun 80's dance fitness routines. This is how we give you noticeable results right where you want them;

  • Core workouts in routines to improve separated abs for a flatter tummy, stronger core and reduction in back pain
  • Glutes workouts in routines to pump up the muscle tone in your booty
  • Improved pelvic floor function from integrated exercises in routines
  • All routines give full body dynamic and static stretching to increase flexibility 
  • Increased muscle tone everywhere from reps in routines
  • Low impact for your knees and back
  • No jumping rule for your pelvic floor
  • Weight loss with 5,000 steps per class
  • Fitness that you love so you can commit to it
  • A supportive and fun community of women just like you
  • Professional dance teachers/fitness instructors who light up the room and work with you to push through emotional barriers to fitness

With 50 classes across the UK and 10 in Gibraltar, find classes in your local school today and work that bod the fun way - Book now at

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