Guen's boobs go viral

Guen's boobs go viral

The beauty standard for boobs is to be pert enough to hold a piece of paper under them, or is it a pencil? Or a Tupperware pot? Guen smashed our Instagram with her viral reel of her kitchen boobs and the comments show us all where the work is. 

Beauty standards, beauty myths and social media representations of beauty oppress women and make us unhealthy, stopping women from loving the skin they are in, stopping women from being fully in their lives, and stopping women from doing fitness.

Mum-Dancers are ripping up the beauty standard myths, stepping into their body power and doing Mum-Dance which celebrates women's bodies, only uses real women from real classes in our media, and finally gives women a non-judgemental, feel-good fitness they can get behind and commit to.

If you are a woman who sweats, who needs a pee before, during and after class, who doesn't care how much she weighs, who measures health and happiness before beauty, who owns one old sports bra, who is fed up of looking after everyone else and never yourself, then Mum-Dance was made for you. Come to Mum-Dance, live by your own standards. Come to Mum-Dance and get YOU back. 

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