Mum-Dance gets you well fit

Mum-Dance gets you well fit

How can Mum-Dance be body positive and get you fit, strong and well-functioning? You can be happy in the body you have while you get noticeable fitness outcomes, because when there is zero shame, judgement, no targets, no before and after pics, you can love fitness again and work with your body, not against it. Fitness is a celebration of your body, not a punishment for who you are or what you ate. 

Mum-Dance knows what fitness mums want and we give you it. Mum-Dance is a low impact high sweat dance fitness workout designed for mum bodies. Using dance, aerobics, moving Pilates, ballet, totally 80's choreography we have made a workout especially for you. 

Tone your muscles, correct your alignment and learn to make your core do the work so your back doesn't have to, work on your separated abs safely, improve your pelvic floor function, increase your stamina, get more flexible, lift your booty and smash an absolute minimum of 4,000 steps every class.

"Mum-Dance is exercise by stealth" you won't notice the workout, you won't notice the work. Your body will quite happily think it's on a night out with the girls, or on the dance floor at a wedding. The good stuff is hidden away in hilarious, fun, empowering, simple routines designed to make you feel amazing, to bring women together, to raise camaraderie, to raise the roof, to get YOU back.  

"Thank you, this is the first time in my life I have enjoyed fitness and since coming to Mum-Dance I don't need to pee every time I run." You're welcome Debbie, you're welcome. 



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