Especially For Our Mum-Dancers

Especially For Our Mum-Dancers

Coming back to live classes is such an emotional moment for everyone at Mum-Dance and now we’re back together, together, we wanna show you our fitness is oh so true and all the fitness we have is made especially for you.

We know you’ve been stressed and wrung out by the past 4 months. We know you’ve been in the house more than you ever wanted to be and you’ve missed your freedom, fitness and time for yourself. Mum-Dancers, If dreams were wings we would have flown to you (sorry we can’t help it, the lyrics are just SO good!).

We have made routines especially for you to come back to fitness with. We are Family is just a beautifully simple dancing around the handbag kind of routine to ease you back in. Everybody dance now routine is pumped up and furious for all you Mum-Dancers who have pent up energy to release and calories to burn. Boom Shake Shake Shake the room will make you forget all your worries, nobody can be stressed doing that!! And of course the Whitney routine to get YOU back. Plus, we keep the promise of a minimum of 4,000 steps per class and a low impact, high sweat workout. 

Coming back to live classes our teachers know how you feel and they know what fitness you need. We’ll be going slow and building up over the first term, giving you a progressively more demanding workout so you keep getting challenged and get your fitness back, but so you stay feeling happy, comfortable and safe with our no pressure ethos.

We stayed busy during lockdown, all the time we were apart we thought of you, you were in our heart (yes we’re off again!!), our love never changed, we made routines for you just the same.

Live classes start back 7th September, link in bio. Come to Mum-Dance and get YOU back.

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