Donate a class - No mum left behind

Donate a class - No mum left behind

No mum left behind - The pandemic has been devastating on mums lives. Statistically women's employment has been the most affected and we know when money is tight a mum will put her kids first.

Some of our much loved Mum-Dancers can't come to class now because they can't afford it but they need Mum-Dance now more than ever. Now you can help! Donate one class and help a mum get YOU back

Mums supporting mums - "I hope the class gives her the endorphins she needs to get her through." says Class-Giver Rachel, Battersea. It's super simple, donate a class and we will let you know when it has been used. Donate now at

We got you girl - We know from running subsided classes that mums won't ask for help unless they really need it. For a free class donated to you by a Mum-Dancer get in touch. We ask no questions, and our lips are sealed - Reach out at

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