A Pandemic is enough pressure already!!

A Pandemic is enough pressure already!!

I read a review yesterday on our Instagram from a Mum-Dancer fresh off her Home Workout. She said it's a "no pressure workout to anyone that doesn't take themselves too seriously."

It got me thinking about why we started our online classes and I wanted to get back to the roots. Sure all our live classes stopped within 3 days so we had to do something to keep connected to all our Mum-Dancers!! But we also did the Home Workouts because we know Mum-Dance makes women feel good about themselves and I felt we all need that right now more than ever.

My personal view is a pandemic isn't the right time to start a fitness regime that makes you miserable. It's not the best time in your life to feel bad about not achieving goals. Our customers are mostly women between 30 - 50 years old and lockdown ain't always pretty!! It's exhausting and made all the worse by any pressure to use the time productively. For many of us we're worried about health, finances, how to keep the kids amused all day and how to keep treading water until we're out the other side, and I think it's kind of strange to try to achieve stuff in this place.

We started our Home Workouts to give women a break!! It's your time. You'll finish the workout sweatier and happier than you were before you started it. We won't promise you a dancers booty, rapid weight loss or a 6 pack. I have a nice little one pack developing which is a 2 pack when I bend over, and I'm happy enough with that in a pandemic!!

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