50 classes!!

50 classes!!

BOOMBASTIC!!! Mum-Dance has hit the target of 50 class sites across the UK. There has been plenty of triumphs and tragedies along the way but we got there.

There was the attempted takeover which honestly was like something from the A-Team but because Hebe has a degree in Criminology and is not the idiot in a leotard they thought she was, she rumbled the plot and saved Mum-Dance to keep on growing with her bare hands.

Then there was the global pandemic, the online classes, the slow return to live classes and the damage to the fitness industry. But we kept our nerve, we ran free daily workouts on socials and we kept the faith and the vision in our hearts for full up classes with happy Mum-Dancers.

Mum-Dance has grown and grown simply to meet the overwhelming demand from women who want to come to class. Women everywhere love Mum-Dance and we are on a mission with all our fabulously talented teachers to give every woman across the UK the right to feel great about her body and get fit the fun way at Mum-Dance.

Hebe has set up Mission Mum-Dance, our not for profit company, so we can offer Mum-Dance at subsidised rates to women in all communities everywhere, stay tuned for more details!

And on top of that Mum-Dance now has over 10 classes running every day in Gibraltar with some women going to Mum-Dance every morning. It is quite literally the talk of the town with women all over Gib wearing Mum-Dance T.Shirts!

Hebe started Mum-Dance with 4 women in one class and now we have a thousand women coming to Mum-Dance every week. There's no sign of cooling down either, she's now going for a target of 100 classes. Come to Mum-Dance cos nothings gonna stop us now! Come to Mum-Dance and get YOU back. 

(If you are a gym or a dance teacher who wants to get in on the action just get in touch directly to hebe at hebe@mumdance.co.uk)

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