2023 is here and the pressure to get fit is real

Life is too busy and you can't get hold of your fitness, your mood hasn't been great because the past few years have been brutal. You know you've got to make a change but you don't know where to start. You don't enjoy fitness anyway because you never found something you love and it just feels like just another job to do so it's easier to crack open a bag of wotsits.

You have lots of reasons not to go. You worry about what to wear, can you go on your own? what if you go the wrong way? what if there's cliques and you feel left out? what if your pelvic floor can't keep up? What if you sweat a lot? You haven't done any exercise in a long time and you're terrified of making a start. 

Mum-Dance was made for you

  • Mum-Dancers are all ages, at all stages of life
  • You don't have to be fit
  • Everyone is going the wrong way
  • There are no targets
  • There is no pressure
  • It's a right laugh
  • Wear what you are comfy in
  • No flashy trainers needed
  • Low impact
  • No jumping rule (pelvic floor help me girl)
  • Safe post-natal
  • Teachers are trained to help nervous Mum-Dancers
  • Everyone is in the class whatsapp group
  • Come to class on your own or in a group or with a friend

Mum-Dance gets YOU back

Hilarious, effective routines to all your school disco faves like Fame, pump up the jam, MCHammer, Whitney and more! 5,000 steps per class without noticing the workout. Improve muscle tone, start closing your separated abs, lose lbs, improve your pelvic floor function, lift your booty, release the endorphins, sweat like a pig, have a laugh, be part of a fitness community with women the same as you, get strong, get fit, have fun, get empowered, start changing your life because your self-esteem starts going through the roof, come to Mum-Dance, get fit and get YOU back. 

If you don't love Mum-Dance after one class we give you your money back, fact. Find your local class, live and kicking after hours at a school near you.

Book now at www.mum-dance.co.uk

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