2022 - Get YOU Back!

2022 - Get YOU Back!

Happy new year Mum-Dancers!!! Everyone had a Milli Vanilli kind of a year in 2021, so here is the Mum-Dance Top Ten for a healthy and happy 2022;

  1. Come to Mum-Dance and be with other women just like you because Mum-Dance is for women who want to keep it real
  2. Come to Mum-Dance and get fit and strong because our routines are designed for mum bodies so are safe and effective.
  3. Come to Mum-Dance and improve your pelvic floor function, core strength, overall muscle tone, lose lbs, all without noticing you are exercising. 
  4. Come to Mum-Dance and love YOUR body because Mum-Dance knows how to make you feel good.
  5. Come to Mum-Dance and get empowered in your fitness because Mum-Dance actively removes the emotional barriers to fitness. 
  6. Come to Mum-Dance and laugh your head off every week because Mum-Dance is hilarious, just is.
  7. Come to Mum-Dance and make new friends because women who lunge together stay together.
  8. Come to Mum-Dance and love fitness again because there's no judgement, no pressure, just endorphins.
  9. Come to Mum-Dance in your leggings because we don't care about fancy kit.
  10. Come to Mum-Dance and get YOU back because we help thousands of women get YOU back every week.

Whack on Bonnie Tyler, pack yourself into a leotard, bomb about and gallivant your way to fitness in 2022. Join us in live classes across the UK, Gibraltar and soon Italy and Spain. Do this terms special butt busting workout to I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie, Mamma Mia and all your other favourites, Wham, Salt n Pepa, Flashdance, Phil Collins (gotta love), Whitney, MCHammer and more. 







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