Be a Mum-Dance Teacher

Hebe Alloun, Founder CEO

Are you a dance teacher or a fitness instructor who wants to set up and teach your own Mum-Dance classes? Are you a gym or a fitness studio and you want to bring Mum-Dance to your customers?

Our training program gives you everything you need including routines, music, lesson plans and know how. We like to be flexible so you can train in one of two ways;

  1. One to one webinar
  2. Group training

We work alongside you to make your business strategy work because we know that's what counts. Whether you want to teach in your local hall or in your business, we stay with you until your classes are successful, that's a guarantee!

How it Works

Group training or one-to-one webinar - £220

  • Mum-Dance mission and brand
  • Four core routines
  • Unique Mum-Dance Teaching Method
  • How to set up your classes
  • How to build your customer community
  • Your individualised marketing, advertising and PR strategy which we create with you

Take home

  • Your license to teach Mum-Dance
  • Your personalised webpage on
  • Your own official Mum-Dance facebook page
  • Immediate national partnerships with School Lettings Solutions, School Hire, Schools Space, to give you secure and discounted hall hires in your local area, plus additional free advertising.
  • Electronic Mum-Dance Teacher Handbook
  • Electronic business support package
  • Online videos to review routines at home
  • Marketing materials including promotional video, assets for social media and customisable marketing materials for print
  • Your personalised advertising, PR and marketing strategy
  • You will need to attend a refresher half day training once a year priced at £75

Monthly subscription - £45

  • Everything you need to teach Mum-Dance across multiple classes for one month
  • One new routine per month
  • Lesson plans and playlists for one month of classes
  • Music streaming for one month of classes with no additional charges
  • Access to business training bolt ons
  • Access to personalised business mentoring
  • Be a part of an online instructor community
  • Be a part of national and international advertising campaigns
  • The opportunity to become a Mum-Dance Trainer
  • Maintains your Mum-Dance license

Is there demand?

Mum-Dance is the answer to the gap in the fitness market for women between 30 - 50 years old

Mum-Dance has a high industry NPS score and customer retention rate

Mum-Dance classes sell out and some classes run with as many as 35 customers per class

Mum-Dance has been featured widely in national media and voted in the top 4 dance classes by OK Magazine


“Mum-Dance is the 80's dance fitness class that everyone wants to go to" BBC


We support you every step of the way

Any questions?

Q: We are a gym, dance school or fitness studio, how do we get Mum-Dance?

A: You just send your dance teacher or fitness instructor to attend the training day and pay the monthly subscription. The license will belong to your named individual teacher. All following arrangements between you as a business and the licensee are up to you.

Q: Can anyone be a Mum-Dance Licensee?

A: You just need a dance/fitness background and be over 18 years old