Teacher Training

Call for Professional Dancers

Licensed Teacher Training


• Mum-Dance mission and brand
• Access to unlimited routines and music
• Mum-Dance Teaching Method
• How to set up your classes
• How to build your customer community
• Your personalised marketing, advertising and PR strategy 

Training fee can be paid in installments to help you get on your feet post-covid. 


• Your license to teach Mum-Dance
• Your personalised webpage on
• National partnerships for discounted hall hires 
• Electronic Teacher Handbook
• Electronic business support package
• Marketing materials including promotional video, assets for social media and materials for print


• Everything you need to teach Mum-Dance across multiple classes every month
• Training platform with instructional videos of unlimited routines you can choose from to suit your customers. 
• Music streaming for classes
• Ongoing national advertising campaigns
• Be a part of an online community of Licensed Mum-Dance Teachers
• Maintains your Mum-Dance license

Reach for success

You will smash it

"My class sold out in just 2 weeks, I couldn't believe it!!"

Paige from Kent (centre front)

Frequently asked questions

Q: We are a gym, dance school or fitness studio, how do we get Mum-Dance?
A: Please see the business to business section in the menu bar

Q: Can anyone be a Mum-Dance Licensee?
A: You need a dance/fitness background with teaching experience.

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