Teacher Training & Business to Business FAQs & T&Cs


We are a dance school, fitness studio or a gym, how can we get Mum-Dance?

If you have a teacher you already want to deliver Mum-Dance you can just send her to do the licensed training. If you don't have a teacher you can do the affiliate program where we send you a teacher.

I'm a dance school, what if I send a teacher for the training and she leaves?

As a business it is up to you what type of contract you set up with the dance teacher you send for training to secure your investment in her training.

What if I am unwell and can't teach my own Mum-Dance class and I don't want to cancel the class? What do I do about cover?

Mum-Dance has a local forum where you will be able to find another licensed Mum-Dance teacher to take your class for you and you will come to your own arrangements about payment/contract.

Is there a demand for Mum-Dance?

The demand for Mum-Dance is huge and women everywhere want to go to class. Where we have a dedicated teacher in a good hall, our classes run at between 20 - 30 women per class. Our teacher training means you will get all the advertising, PR and marketing know-how to make your classes a success. If you are a venue you will have always struggled to engage this target audience, until now. All women between 30 - 50 years old in communities across the UK love Mum-Dance!

How do I become a Mum-Dance Teacher?

You can either be a Mum-Dance teacher who we place in permanent self-employed contracts and get paid an hourly rate or you can be a licensed Mum-Dance teacher where you can set up your own classes anywhere and run it as your own business. To work for Mum-Dance you just need to send your CV and showreel to info@mumdance.co.uk. If you want to become a licensed teacher you just attend a one day training or a one-to-one webinar and keep up your monthly subscriptions to have everything you need to get your license to teach Mum-Dance.


Can anyone become a Mum-Dance teacher?

You will need a dance or fitness background.

Is there a minimum age to become a teacher?

The minimum age requirement is 18 years old.

How soon after the training can I use my Mum-Dance license to teach?

You can start teaching Mum-Dance immediately.

Can I teach Mum-Dance anywhere?

You can teach Mum-Dance anywhere but you will need to follow our health and safety guidelines and only use spaces suitable for dance classes. This may be the gym, fitness studio or dance school you work at, a school hall, community centre, sports hall, village hall, arts centre, the possibilities are endless. Mum-Dance has partnerships with national hall hire companies which you can use for easy search, secure halls and reduced hall hire prices

How do I find a hall or dance studio to hire for my classes? 

Mum-Dance has national partnerships with hall hire and dance studio agencies including School Letting Solutions and School Space. They will help you find a hire in your local area. They will also give you a reduced hire rate.

How long is my license to teach Mum-Dance valid for?

For as long as you continue to pay your subscription fee and receive materials to teach your classes. You will need to attend a half day refresher training once a year to maintain your skills and license.

How soon do I need to start the subscription?

You will need to start your subscription three days after your training day. We give you enough materials for your first month of classes.

What about public liability insurance?

You are responsible for your own public liability insurance. However some venues may cover you.

What about a music license?

You will need to arrange your own music license. It is approx £4 per hourly class. However some venues may cover you.

What about a DBS?

Mum-Dance is for adults over the age of 18 so you don’t need a DBS to teach Mum-Dance. However, please check with the venue that hosts your classes if you are not working independently.



Mum-Dance requires 24 hours notice of cancellation of attendance at training day to receive a full refund. With less than 24 hours notice of cancellation you will be offered to defer your training to a later date.


Mum-Dance training days are non-refundable. In the unlikely event you do not pass the course, the course fee is non-refundable. If you need to cancel your training please see cancellation terms.


Mum-Dance is a balanced low-impact cardio workout. There is an expectation that licensees have a dance/fitness background and good health with strong self care for existing injuries. Please seek advice from your health care professional if you are unsure if the training is right for you.