home workouts FAQs and T&Cs


Where can I find live classes?

We have classes across the UK. Please go to find a class on the main menu at www.mum-dance.co.uk

I want to teach mum-dance

Hooray!! We would love to have you. You can teach your own classes and get your own business in a box through our licensed teacher program, please see on the main menu 'how to become a teacher'. You can be a Home Workout teacher, just send your CV and showreel to info@mum-dance.co.uk

How fit do i need to be?

Mum-Dance is for all levels of fitness. It is a low impact, balanced workout that you can take at your own pace.

I have a health condition or injury is it suitable for me?

Please ask your GP or consultant if you are not sure if Mum-Dance Home Workout is suitable for you and follow their advice. If you recently had a baby you can do Mum-Dance after your 6 week check. If you had a c-section please wait at least 3 months before doing Mum-Dance. Mum-Dance is not suitable during pregnancy.

But I can't dance

That's what you think!! Pause and go back over tricky bits and before you know it you'll be like Coco from Fame

How do I look after myself while I do the home workout?

Listen to your body and take it at your own pace. Before you start the class make sure your have already stretched out and your body is warm. Make sure you have water to hand during the class and take regular drink breaks. After the class take some time to continue to stretch out the cool down.

Technical support FAQ's

How do I login to my Online classes?
Go to https://classes.mum-dance.co.uk/users/sign_in and sign in with your username and password.

I have forgotten my password? How do I get it reset?
Go to https://classes.mum-dance.co.uk/users/password/new and enter your username. We will then send you a password reset email. Please check your inbox.

How do I watch the class on my TV using my Amazon Fire TV Stick?
From the Amazon Appstore download the Firefox browser.
Open the Firefox browser, go to https://classes.mum-dance.co.uk/users/sign_in
You will then be able to login and play your class on your TV.



If you have a health condition or injury please consult your health care professional before you buy your classes.

Payment and refund

Home Workouts are non refundable

Online Teacher Training

Online Teacher Training fee is non refundable.