FAQs and T&Cs


Do I have to be a Mum to come to Mum-Dance?

No, Mum-Dance is for all women and lots of women come to Mum-Dance who are not Mums.

Can I have a trial or taster class or just show up on the night?

Mum-Dance doesn't do taster or trial classes because our classes sell out. You can't turn up and pay on the night because our Dance Teachers do not handle payments and the only way to get your classes is here through the website before the class starts to make sure you are on the register. There is lots of information on the website and on social media including pictures, films, testimonials and comments from Mum-Dancers across the UK. You can also join in the Mum-Dance Massive community on Facebook and they will tell you all about Mum-Dance too. 

But I can't dance!

That's what you think!! After one term you'll be Mum-Dancing like a professional. It really doesn't matter about how good you are at dancing, Mum-Dance is all about joining in and having a laugh. We're all in this together!

Can I come on my own?

Of course you can! Lots of Mum-Dancers come to class on their own and you certainly won't feel awkward coming without a friend. The camaraderie at Mum-Dance is great and women always make new friends at Mum-Dance because we do the whole term together.

Can children come to Mum-Dance?

Mum-Dance is a no children class, even if they are asleep or read a book. We are strictly a no children space. 

I am pregnant, can I come to Mum-Dance?

Mum-Dance is not suitable during pregnancy

I have a long-term injury or illness and I'm not sure if Mum-Dance is right for me

Please ask your GP or consultant if you are not sure if Mum-Dance is suitable and follow their advice. 

I recently had a baby, when can I come to class?

Mum-Dance is designed as an effective form of post-natal exercise. All our exercises and routines are safe for separated abs and pelvic floor function and we don't do any twisting, jumping or floor based core exercises. All our abs workouts include pelvic floor work and are based on moving pilates, simple ballet and aerobic style abs workouts. You can come to Mum-Dance after your 6 week check at the GP and are fit to exercise. We recommend waiting 12 weeks after a cesarean. 

What do I wear to Mum-Dance?

You can come to Mum-Dance wearing whatever you feel comfy dancing in. Because Mum-Dance is a dance class we dance barefoot because it is better for alignment and control. If you are not comfortable dancing barefoot please wear what you need to feel comfortable.


Terms and conditions of purchase


If you recently had a baby you can come to Mum-Dance after your 6 week check. If you had a c-section please wait at least 3 months before attending Mum-Dance. Mum-Dance is not suitable during pregnancy. If you have a health condition or injury please consult your health care professional before you buy your classes.



Children and babies are not allowed at Mum-Dance



Mum-Dance classes are non refundable. Mum-Dance does not permit selling parts of terms for health and safety reasons.


Mum-Dance does not permit customers allowing their friends to take their space in class if they are unable to attend one week.