Re-opening Plan

"Everyone has been through a very difficult time and we need the exuberance and community of Mum-Dance now more than ever"


"Mum-Dance is a community of women. We all have people we love and look after, so we all want to keep each other safe"


"We have kept it simple and capped the number of customers in classes"

Customers are encouraged to go to the loo before arriving at class to avoid coming and going out of the space and using shared facilities. Customers are also encouraged not to hang about before and after class in the hall space in close proximity chatting. However, you are welcome to hang out and chat outside in the fresh air before and after class.

Your Mum-Dance teacher will always keep her 1 metre distance and will make sure everyone in class stays mindful about social distancing as we go through the hour.


There is no current mandate to wear masks at gyms or in dance classes, as such it is up to customers to take personal responsibility in whichever way that feel best. Mum-Dance Teachers will not be wearing masks. If your teacher has concerns about her own health she will not be teaching and we will find a cover teacher.

The majority of our classes are held in school halls or fitness studios and gyms and as such we are led by their provision and safeguarding. We have received the covid safety policies from our hirers and are satisfied the hygiene measures are robust. Measures include;

• Hand sanitisers will be on offer at reception in every site

• Rigorous cleaning procedures

• If there is a COVID-19 case in the facility, the hirer will follow the PHE Guidance

• Staff will carry out regular cleaning of high-contact touch points throughout the premises

We will increase the ventilation in all classes by opening all the windows and doors. If your usual hall had compromised ventilation or air conditioning, we will use a nearby alternative hall which does meet all the guidelines and we will be in touch to let you know.

We are asking customers to please wear lots of layers to Mum-Dance this term because it may be difficult for us to keep the halls warm with increased ventilation. You will need to wear warm layers to prevent injury as you're warming up. You will be fine in leggings, vest, long sleeved sweatshirt and of course legwarmers!! We also advise you wear trainers this term to keep your feet and ankles warm with socks.


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