Gym and fitness studio partnerships

Bring Mum-Dance to your members risk-free

Grow and keep your membership

A fresh proposition for your members

Right now women want feel-good fitness, communities, mental health and well-being and these values are at the core of the Mum-Dance experience. Mum-Dance is the fresh proposition for your gym or fitness studio coming out of the pandemic, give your business the competitive advantage risk free

strong and flexible

Mum-Dance is a covid-safe group exercise with every live class streamed to members at home as standard. Post pandemic we give a supportive and flexible offer for gyms and provide all the materials and training you need to smash it with Mum-Dance

Fact file

• Mum-Dance is the answer to the gap in the fitness market for women between 30 - 50 who may usually be inactive.

• Mum-Dance has a high industry NPS score and customer retention rate so we help you retain and grow your membership

• Mum-Dance sells out and some classes have up to 35 customers each session in all locations

• Mum-Dancers use the gym in your quiet times and bring revenue to other onsite facilities