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Bring Mum-Dance to your customers risk-free

How it works

1. We give you the teacher

We give you with a trained and insured Mum-Dance Teacher who is paid an hourly rate by us. She has the program ready to deliver to your customers including unlimited access to new routines and lesson plans. We arrange cover for you if she is off work so you don't need to cancel classes.

2. You provide the studio and timetabling

You timetable classes at times to suit your customers at your studios. You need a space for 20 women  and it needs a booming sound system. 

3. We share the marketing

We provide you with marketing materials to use online and onsite. We give you a page on our website. We promote your classes and your gym across all our national and local promotional work. We include your classes in our national paid advertising.
You promote the classes to your current customers and grow a new customer base for your Mum-Dance classes through your existing channels.

4. Payments and revenue

We agree a percentage of sales and this is paid to Mum-Dance automatically through an app. You are given a link by us to use on your platforms to enable you to make sales along with branding and marketing materials. 

Fact file

• Mum-Dance is the answer to the gap in the fitness market for women between 30 - 50 years old.

• Mum-Dance has a high industry NPS score and customer retention rate.

• Mum-Dance sells out and some classes have up to 35 customers every week.

• Mum-Dance partners with charities and organisations to bring subsidised classes to all women in every community