Gym partnerships

zero risk and flexible structure

The competitive edge

Mums wanna have fun

Mums have been affected by the pandemic with home schooling and family. They are desperate to have fun with their mates and get fit again

mums bring everyone

Mums are community builders and will help you reach your local community. They will bring the whole family and their friends to your gym

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supporting mental health

Mum-Dance is about community, feel-good and mums supporting mums. It's meets the mental health needs of your membership post covid

Your success is our success

We drive membership

we talk your language

Flexible structure

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Fact file

• Mum-Dance is the answer to the gap in the fitness market for women aged between 35-55

• Mum-Dance has a high industry NPS and high retention rate

• Mum-Dance sells out and some classes have up to 35 customers every week

• Mum-Dancers use the gym in your quiet times and bring revenue to other onsite facilities

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