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Here come the mums


With Mum-Dance you have a national brand to bring this missing demographic of women into your gym. Mums love Mum-Dance!

more memberships

Mums are influential community builders. They bring children, partners, friends and family to increase your membership

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increased revenue

Mums use onsite facilities such as creche, kids classes and cafes. Mum-Dance can run in the daytime to boost revenue in your quiet times

we push it real good


we talk your language

Flexible structure

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Fact file

• Mum-Dance is the answer to the gap in the fitness market for women aged between 35-55

• Mum-Dance has a high industry NPS and high retention rate

• Mum-Dance sells out and some classes have up to 35 customers every week

• Mum-Dancers use the gym in your quiet times and bring revenue to other onsite facilities

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