New Year - Get YOU back!

New Year - Get YOU back!

At this time of year the fitness industry goes mad telling women the new year is time for a new you. Mum-Dance says the opposite, the new year is time to get YOU back.

The biggest barrier to women taking part in regular effective exercise is an unhealthy fitness mindset. You might think fitness has to be hard work, is often in some part humiliating because you might not achieve the goals and it's just another job you have to get done in the week. You go towards fitness resisting it, dreading it, and often fearing it. You might have lost trust in your body to be able to keep up and think you'll put fitness off until you're a certain size or have done some already at home or have built yourself up to it in some way. But we've got that all wrong!!

Let's go back to when you had a healthy fitness mindset and a healthy body. Can you remember dreading fitness then? Did you count steps then or set yourself unrealistic goals and then beat yourself up about not achieving them? Did you take pics of yourself then in your bra and pants and feel bad about your natural shape? No of course you didn't. So what was different back then?

Ok sure, so you might have been younger but that's not even relevant here. Back then you had a healthy mindset to fitness. You danced with your friends to all your best songs because you loved it. You went out dancing all night because it was fun. You didn't think about it as fitness, you just moved because you couldn't help yourself, when Whitney comes on you're off!! Add into that the amazing fitness outfits, the legwarmers, the feel of the lycra leotard and of course the fitness heros, natural and healthy women. 

Let me ask you a question - When was the last time you danced to MCHammer, Rhythm is a Dancer, Let's Get Physical, Fame, Flashdance and Vogue, and how did you feel? Ace right?? How about dancing to your best 80's music with all your mates or your sisters, or mum or at a wedding or party? Some women might feel isolated for a million reasons and miss being with other women and the camaraderie that brings. Women are at their best in gangs, fact. We love dancing together in our kitchens or on nights out. We're happy like this and we don't call it exercise.

That's Mum-Dance!! The only difference is we have built a fitness programme to target what women want to work on, their abs, overall tone, increase stamina, improve pelvic floor function, lift the booty, get more flexible, improve posture and reduce separated abs. This is all the stuff women want to work on, at Mum-Dance we know that and so we pack what your body needs into the workout in the brilliantly fun and hilarious routines. 

The most important bit is Mum-Dance fixes your unhealthy fitness mindset. You remember you love moving, you don't notice the number of steps you're doing, you forget about burning calories, we never talk about unachievable goals so you're a winner from the minute you walk in the room. You can't get it wrong because you're in a room of women all going the wrong way and having a laugh about it. You will get lost in music, forget yourself in the routines and feel connected to other women. You can't be hard on yourself at Mum-Dance because you're whatever size because we have a zero tolerance on using fitness models and guess what? Women really are all shapes and sizes and they're all down Mum-Dance bombing about to Bonnie Tyler. 

So what's stopping you? Mum-Dance now even runs a money back guarantee. We are getting thousands of women fit the fun way every week but if you come to class and it's not for you, we will refund you as long as you let us know the same day as your first class. 

So, there's nothing to lose, just an unhealthy fitness mindset and a body that wants to get fit. Mum-Dance is passionate about changing women's mindset to fitness and providing a fun way to get healthy and strong. When you get your body back you get YOU back!!



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    I absolutely love mumdance
    I look forward to my Monday nights

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